This wild ride

Yesterday was the day that I packed up my little apartment in Maine. The twinkle lights went in the box full of house things that I will leave in Boston and the plants took the front seat of my car, soaking up all the sunshine and simply along for the ride. Moving takes awhile but […]

Preparing for the rain

Guys. Senior year of college is looming on the horizon and my anxiety levels are through the roof. My internet queue is overwhelmed with web searches involving law school, survival tactics and ways to become a millionaire before thirty (I’ve had luck with the first two searches but I’ll let you know if I find […]

When I think of Maine

When I think of Maine, I think of windy summers and foggy mornings. I think of lobster traps on the side of the road and evenings spent watching the tide bump the buoys toward shore. I think of log cabins with pine cones scattered in the yard and yellow rain jackets accompanied by smiling faces. […]

What makes you sail.

This summer, I’ve been working outside. When it starts raining, that’s the call for me to head home. You would be amazed at how quickly I can get home and into my favorite ripped jeans and long sleeved shirt. I open the windows so I can smell the damp rain smell combined with my evening […]

duct tape & super glue

The rain is pouring outside my apartment window in Maine and just like that, I can feel the ideas pouring into my head as well. It’s not that I have been lacking ideas for this space, I simply haven’t had the time or energy to spill them out this last year. Looking back to the […]

Don’t Forget.

Don’t forget to… wake up early to watch the sunrise and pray. give yourself a little extra time and take a different road to work. turn your music up loud whenever you get the chance. read that book you got from the library. give your family spontaneous hugs just because you felt an extra burst […]

Kansas City

Travelling this summer was a unique experience. Seeing twelve different states and experiencing each of them from the perspective of the people that lived there was amazing. I stayed in homes where the hosts would tell me they had lived in that same house all their lives, never having even left the state. For me, […]

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