What makes you sail.

This summer, I’ve been working outside. When it starts raining, that’s the call for me to head home. You would be amazed at how quickly I can get home and into my favorite ripped jeans and long sleeved shirt. I open the windows so I can smell the damp rain smell combined with my evening coffee smell. Gilmore Girls is playing and I debate going back into the rain so I can have tomato soup for dinner.

Rainy days always bring me here. To talk to you and share my thoughts that come as quickly as the rain hitting the pavement. I want to share my fears, my failures and my Monday victories with you. I want to share my voice and in return, hear yours.

Today I listened to some coworkers comparing women actresses and their beauty. It made me sad to hear talented women being compared simply by how well they did their makeup that day. Beauty is held to this perfect standard today: body shape, tan lines, long hair. You & I, we are so much more than that. Let’s stop judging each other that way-none of us will ever know each other’s true beauty. Maybe we won’t understand her way of thinking or why she chooses to dress that way but we are all held to this standard of beauty as women. We can come together with the mutual knowledge that none of us will ever live up to this world’s standard of perfect. The real beauty of all of this: We don’t have to.

Think of it like this–life is like a big ocean, full of waves, storms and the calmest of days. Each of us were built to weather these storms and we weren’t built the same way. We don’t look alike and maybe some of us don’t sail as smoothly as others. But we survive, each of us in our own way. We survive on tomato soup nights, emptying our hearts on paper, and trips to the library. Maybe my picture of survival looks different from yours-in fact, I’m sure it does because we are different. Your way is beautiful, so is mine, so is hers.

Hey you. Find your voice. Find what you survive on and THRIVE.

You are so so beautiful.


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