Don’t Forget.


Don’t forget to…

wake up early to watch the sunrise and pray.

give yourself a little extra time and take a different road to work.

turn your music up loud whenever you get the chance.

read that book you got from the library.

give your family spontaneous hugs just because you felt an extra burst of love for them.

open your favorite cookbook and try a new recipe.

bake your favorite pie and take it to your neighbors.

drive around your neighborhood and look at the different houses, trees and fences.

excuse yourself from social media and give yourself some time alone.

journal about the littlest things in your day.

say ‘I love you’.

drink more water than coffee.

be content.

write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in awhile. It means so much more than a text.

pray for people, even if you don’t know what they need prayer for.

Be conscious of the smaller details. Sometimes they mean the most.


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