I Jumped

This summer, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do my very favorite thing: plan & stress about needing to plan.

Between meeting countless new people every day, listening to their story and helping with whatever they needed-I had little to no time to plan or think about my own story. Since I’ve been home, I have had more space to breathe and think without too many outside interruptions. At the end of last semester, I had what seemed like countless big decisions that were coming fast and hard. I was scared. But then the summer came, and I had no time to dwell on these big decisions and even less time to worry about them. They got put on the back burner where they stayed until this last week. I decided to sit down and write my thoughts out about them today.

For much too long, I had been almost cowering from coming to a final decision regarding matters. I was and am scared about what people will think of me. I’m scared to take a leap of faith and do what I know will make me a happier and more content person in the end. I was reading Hannah Brencher’s If You Find this Letter this afternoon and digesting what she had to say. I kept thinking, ‘She has done so much & impacted so many people! Why can’t I seem to do that?’–and it hit me. She was doing what she was called to do and was happy with what she was doing. She overcame her fear of what people may think of her and she just did what she was supposed to do.

So. While I don’t want to talk about the big leap I took today, I just want to tell you that I did it.

I jumped.


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