Reality Check

bedThis summer was one that was full of go, go, go and do, do, do. There was constant communication about game plans, meeting times and who to look out for for recruiting at different meetings. When done at a certain location, we would hop into the van and drive off to our next stop. Sunday afternoon naps were few and far between and even on off-days, I couldn’t fully relax because well, hotel rooms just don’t have the same relaxing atmosphere that my room at home does.

I had big plans for when I was home. Insanity every day, juice detoxes, and some serious thrift store shopping were all in the when-I’m-home schemes. Have I done any of that yet? Of course not. Let’s be honest. All I’ve really accomplished has been setting a new record for amounts of chick flicks watched and quality time in my oh-so-comfy bed. And when I’m not doing that, I’m probably day dreaming about being back in that oh-so-comfy bed. Hannah Brencher’s If You Find this Letter has kept my brain in at least some of its functionality (if you haven’t read it, forget this post, go read that book) and my three cups of morning coffee have kept my metabolism up and running (these are times when I wish I had Lily’s Linus from How I Met Your Mother–but for coffee, of course).

I could act like I was actually getting all my big plans for being home in order but I could also be 100% honest with you readers and confess my true laziness since being home. I could beat myself up for being this way when I had so much I wanted to accomplish but I could also allow myself to get the rest my body needs from a hectic summer and preparing for an even more hectic fall semester. I promise, I’ll get my act together this coming week…but for now: 500 Days of Summer, anyone?




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