Two Years Later

tomsIt would take days-no, months- to record and give justice to all that has gone on since I last wrote on Dear Rainy Days. I haven’t stopped writing though, it simply has been in a different format, i.e. my journal. The thought to continue writing here occurred to me several times over the past couple of years but every time I sat down to write, I either felt like I had too little or too much to say and didn’t have the energy to figure it all out. I guess it was laziness on my part-or, I could be kind to myself and attribute it to a two year writer’s block. We’ll go with that.

Since I last wrote: I finished my sophomore year of college, moved to a new house, and went on a tour of the Midwest that was life-changing. I started drinking black coffee and will never be able to go back, I have a new cat, made new and dear friends while reconnecting with old ones, and my family is currently spread out in four different states of the country. Life has been anything but uneventful. I wish I could say everything I want to say about the past two years but to do so would require more time than I currently have.

College in Florida has been the stuff dreams are made of. Granted, the humidity is not my best friend (in March, we had a week of 100% humidity complete with 24/7 drizzling in which my hair decided its spirit animal was a drowned rat) and I may or may not have had sun poisoning once from one too many beach trips in one weekend–but over all, the experience has been one I wouldn’t trade for the world. Sophomore year was hard-Organic Chemistry truly is the beast everyone makes it out to be and Anatomy & Physiology is jam-packed with terms that seem impossible to learn in such a short amount of time. But I loved it. I loved the late night study sessions with my roommates and I loved the Monday morning runs, where I did my best to clear my head before a week that was sure to be crazier than the one before.

My parents moved to a new house the day after I got back from touring the Midwest. While the house isn’t too far from our previous one, it’s a complete change for the whole family. I love seeing my parents so happy with the new change.

I toured the Midwest on a representative team for my school in Florida. It was an 11.5 week tour complete with some of the craziest and most amazing times of my life. We started out just being seven people chosen to sing together for three months and ended tour being a family that had stuck together through thick and thin. From the sticky heat of Louisiana to wooden cabins in the Montana mountains, no experience was the same. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to see so much of this country!

Well, that is all I have time to write for now. I will do my best to not go on another two-year hiatus before the next post.

Till next time,



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