The College Life.

She’s on campus, folks. And absolutely loving it.

It’s crazy hot and humid but my friends and I make up for that with plenty of tanning and swimming when we get the chance. We’re trying to take advantage of the free time we have now before classes go into full swing. Aandd that’s another topic. CLASSES. I love them. I have an 8am chemistry class that makes getting up in the morning worth it. My professor’s first words in the class were ‘This is the class that will determine whether or not you’re supposed to be in your field of choice.’ Yay me. It scared me but challenged me. I will come out as the conqueror in this class. 😉

I love my roommates. One has a Keurig and one has a fridge. What more could I want?

I’ve been trying really hard not to get super involved in everything because I don’t want to get overwhelmed during the middle of the semester but it’s so hard! I love being involved in everything. Lately, I’ve been searching all bulletin boards for play auditions because well, I love drama.

Interesting fact of the week: I think I’m the only female Freshman Pre-Med major on this campus. So far.

I’m currently at a little coffee shop outside of campus called The Drowsy Poet. It’s lovely. I’m drinking a Shakespeare (hazulnet machiatto with a shot of expresso-yummmm) and admiring all the quotes on the walls. My favorite one so far is “I only know that once there pealed a chime Of joyous bells, And forth we walked: the world was free and wide Before us.”-Bayard Taylor.

Oh and guys. I need ideas to make my dorm room more fun. Right now it’s crazy boring. If you have suggestions, you know where the comment box is!

Anyway, I’m going to get back to Chemistry. Oh, that lovely world.

Until later, my loves.



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