Just a Couple Notes.




Megan & I spent a day out yesterday doing ‘girl things’ as we like to call it. We stopped by Charming Charlies and Target (my favorite!). Despite all the time we spent window shopping, we only ended up buying coffee. Typical, of course. We rode a ferris wheel and a spinning ride which didn’t do good things for either of our stomachs. The video I filmed while on it was worth the sick stomachs afterwards, though. It was beautiful weather and we had such a good time. I’ll miss her an awful lot. To quote Christina Yang, ‘She’s my person.’ 


I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Elton John lately and trying to find new blogs and inspirational sites. Endlessly Enraptured and Sara Lynn are favorites of mine. 

This last week has been the most glorious as far a weather goes. It makes me anxious for fall already! 

I’ve never been more obsessed with wedding photos than these. Dreaming of Iceland now.

After reading this quote, I’m debating whether or not to read Anna Karenina again. Tolstoy’s writing simply makes me melt.

And that’s all for today. 

Until later, my loves!


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