A Day in Lawrence.

I spent the day in Lawrence, Kansas with Jill, a dear friend who is getting her Masters at KU. I have been battling a head cold and dizziness lately, but thankfully my meds kicked in enough for me to be able to enjoy the day. (I’m exhausted now though!) We ate lunch at an Oriental restaurant called The Encore. Funny name for an Asian restaurant..but whatever floats their boat, I guess!



It was yummyyyy.



Her excited face. Mine looked about the same. 😀

After that, Jill had to go to a lesson so I wandered around the town, going wherever struck my fancy. I found this sweet European store and bought a soda that came straight from Paris. It was wonderful.

I then found my favorite place of all: The Raven. I saw the books from a block away, and I’m sure I walked quite a bit faster. Book stores are a haven for me. They are a paradise for my nerddom. 



Two women and their cats owned the place. There were books everywhere, from the ceiling to piles on the floor. I spoke with the owners and they told me that they originally started the it was a mystery book store but eventually branched out into all genres. The floor squeaked under my shoes and the little cushioned chairs in various corners were ancient. I was so close to simply asking the two old ladies if I could just move in there but decided that might be inappropriate. I plan on going back there every time I’m anywhere near Lawrence though!



It was simply a lovely day.


We ended the day with some pastries from Wheatfields and of course, coffee.

Until later, my loves!



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