My First Wedding.

Most girls spend their childhood and teenage years dreaming about that perfect day: their wedding. I spent my childhood and teenage years dreaming about shooting my first wedding. From the time I was ten years old and I first picked up my dad’s digital camera. It was bulky and the pictures it took weren’t that great, but I was in love. I took pictures of anything and everything. My little sister has been my model since the day she was born and my mom complains of it being like living with paparazzi, but they know that it’s only when I’m holding a camera that I’m truly happy. When I was thirteen, I stumbled onto Jasmine Star’s wedding blog. Reading her posts, the passion behind every word, every picture so clear and beautiful-I knew that I wanted to do wedding photography. Lots of days and months of work went into yesterday. Days where I thought I’d never be able to shoot my own wedding because I just wasn’t good enough. It’s been a growing process, getting my photos to the point where I was confident in my skills. Shooting yesterday only went to prove how much I have to learn but it gave me faith that I can do it. My pictures can only go up from here and I will continue to improve and to learn from yesterday.

The rush of happiness that hit me as soon as Matt (my fantaaastic second shooter) and I got in the car is incomparable to anything else I’ve ever felt. It was everything I had hoped for and more. As Matt put it, ‘It’s the best job ever, because you get to work with happy people for a living.’ 



I guess you can safely say that I am indeed one of those freaks who enjoys weddings. I enjoy all the hustle and bustle, all the stressed but happy people, the crazy best man and the flower girl who doesn’t want her picture taken.

The look on the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle-I almost cried. It was a surreal moment and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Life is fantastic right now. That is all.


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