Remember When…

Growing up, I never had a lot of girl friends. My circle of friends usually consisted of my brothers and their friends who always ended up being my friends. What few girl friends I had, I typically didn’t get along with. I wasn’t a tomboy, I was simply a girl who couldn’t put up with bows and drama. I didn’t even like football but I enjoyed being a part of the easy friendship with my guy friends.

The stars and weather outside reminded me of an insignificant but wonderful memory I have.

On sports trips, my school always made sure to plan something fun for us to do, as a way to take our minds off the impending games or simply for the coaches to get a little time away from us. I’m sure it was a mixture of both. The teams tumbled out of the bus, everyone comparing farmer’s tans and bragging about the number of assists, goals or runs they had scored that day.  I was with my usual crowd, three tall, goofy guys who I affectionately thought of as my bodyguards. We headed for the spinning tea cups (mature, I know) and stuffed ourselves into one. It was the most fun I’d had in a long time. We sang Diary of Jane and Stars at the top of our lungs, the freeing wind blowing through our hair. Hearing us, you would’ve thought we were crazy, but we-we felt amazing-like anything could happen. 

It’s just a small memory, but one that I like to remember every once in awhile. It makes me smile. 


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