To Be Destined.

It’s nice having your dreams reaffirmed by people you trust. Today, my brother came inside after riding his bike and kept saying ‘I hurt something.’ I was in the other room and came running out, eager to see what he hurt, if I could diagnose it, etc. I really just wanted to see it. Don’t call me weird, it’s just the way I am. Things like that interest me. The look on my face must have been one of much excitement, because my dad just looked at me, thought for a minute, then said ‘You’re crazy. But I think you’re supposed to be a doctor. Not too many get that excited over something like this.’ They were the most encouraging words I heard all day. 

I want to be destined for something. If that destiny is to save lives, I want to jump headlong into and not come up for air. I want to give myself to something that will make a difference. 



I went to see Star Trek tonight with JT. I’m definitely not a fan of sci-fi, but it was suprisingly pretty good. I can’t believe he’s graduating tomorrow. I will definitely be going to that to cheer him on. 

Well, I’m exhausted so I will leave you all for the night.

Until later, my loves.


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