Accomplished Feeling

I am quite unashamedly being a hipster today. 


Excuse me while I go grab my tea.

Today was fantastic. I worked all day and got a lot done, both before going to work and at work. It’s crazy how far a little bit of encouragement goes. My new manager had been frustrating me greatly lately because I didn’t know what exactly he wanted and he seemed to always be correcting me. Finally, we were able to sit down and talk about what he wanted for my area. Since that clarification, I’ve been able to do my job so much better because I know now what he expects of me. Today, I could tell he was happy with the job I had done. It was great to see my hard work noticed. 

I am also crazy in love with the $10 Rachel Roy dress (originally $89) and I can even wear it to work! Pretty excited about my new outfit.



Sunday afternoon, I did a deep clean of my room and have been just doing little tweaks every day for fifteen minutes. The change is stupendous and makes my room a much more desirable place to be. Today, I went through all the clothes in my drawers and sorted them. I threw away some that I knew were of no use to me or anyone else, stored my winter clothes downstairs and designated some for Goodwill so that my fellow hipsters may enjoy.



Here’s a picture of my lovely room. I know it could use some help still, but I love it the same.



My insanely good looking brother went to banquet/prom today! He took a good friend of his and I think they look adorable!



Sigh. Clean rooms, long days and new clothes make me happy. 

Go inspire/encourage someone tonight or just do something you know you’ve needed to do for awhile. You’ll feel so much better!

Until later, my loves!



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