I have dreams. Big dreams. Sometimes they scare me; most days though, my dreams are what get me through the day. They are the reason I can keep on smiling, facing the problems going on in my life-because at the end of a hard day-I am one step closer to my dreams. 

Some of my dreams…

To adopt. I have wanted to adopt for as long as I can remember-I truly believe it’s one of those desires that God lays on your heart-and it’s not one that will easily go away. 

To graduate college. Books are a haven for me and to spend four years buried in them sounds like bliss. 

To see Switchfoot in concert. (and other classic bands!)

To develop my photography more and be more confident in my abilities as an artist. To envelop my life in a wave of creativity, be it making art or writing it.

To live in Africa for any period of time. I want to volunteer at an orphanage and be a blessing to those less fortunate than I. Africa is on my heart.


On another topic, I recently discovered that one of very best friends is a goldmine of good music. He literally knows every good song EVER. I’m still shocked that I’ve been friends with him for two years and only now have discovered this. 

My current favorite : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVVlvV5jztM <—listen

Sleeps Alone by Two Door Cinema

This Kid is Not Alright by Awolnation

Aaannnnddd I’ll make a bigger list later when I have more time. 

Stay tuned, my loves.


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