Simple Things

Tonight, I tweeted : I need more things to blog about.

Less than five minutes later, I was hit in the face with the realization that all around me there were things to blog about. The pride I took in the comment my brother made about how he enjoyed reading my blog–I never expected anyone to find this little journal interesting–I merely write for the sake of writing. Still, it was encouraging! Little things, simple things. 

My friend and I came up with a list of movies we need to watch together, which I’m sure will take way over a year to find the time to watch all of them. But I look forward to it-we always have a great time together. 

Little things: Making new friends or renewing old acquaintances. Last night, I spent awhile talking to a friend from a Park University meet up and we discovered out mutual love for Grey’s Anatomy. It’s safe to say we geeked out majorly. I almost wrote to him today to apologize for my extreme fangirling–but I had a good time, so I decided no apology was needed. 

Little things: I woke up to more rain pouring outside, leaving the grass a brilliant green. I got up earlier than I even needed to, donned my yellow cardigan and drank some tea, all while staring outside at my ideal morning. 

Go ahead, try it. Look for little things that make your day better.


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