As the Rain Falls

As I sit here in my comfy bed, chatting with good friends, Taylor Swift playing in the background, the rain pouring outside reminded me that it was only the most appropriate time for me to write on my beloved Dear Rainy Days. The only thing I’m lacking is a cup of tea. I am content.

Today was wonderful. A good friend from work came with me to church and brought her adorable little daughter along. The preaching was fantastic, reaffirming the fact that Pastor Kevin is my favorite pastor so far. He preached about God’s sovereignty and about how with God ALL things are possible. Powerful words. 

This afternoon, I caught up on some Grey’s Anatomy and then memorized some of the Latin roots commonly used in medical terms, an extra assignment for my A&P class. Call me a nerd, but I enjoyed it 🙂 

I then went to church and then played volleyball with my amazing single’s group. The games were intense (or maybe I’m too competitive) and sweat literally dripped off of every inch of my body. Gross sounding, but an amazing feeling. 

Sigh. I had forgotten how much I loved journaling here. It’s relaxing and I will do my best to make it habit. 

Well for now, I’m out of words. But I can sum up my day in one word, maybe two: pure contentment.

Until later, my loves.


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