Weekend Roadtrip

This weekend, my mom and I went on a spur of the moment roadtrip to Oklahoma to see my cousin. We didn’t tell anyone we were coming, we just went. In the words of mom “I feel like Abraham! Just going off into the wilderness!” When we got to the hospital, we went as quietly as possible, hoping not to run into my Aunt Candy. When we finally found the room, I knocked and then walked in. Aunt Candy and Jessy’s faces were priceless. I’m sure we were the last people they expected to randomly show up in their room! We had a fantastic time catching up with them and it was a blessing to see Jessy slowly but surely making her way down the road of recovery. 


Jessy’s room was covered from head to toe in decorations and get well notes. She even had a Christmas tree in one corner! 


Special music was provided by her friends who wrote a song for her. It was quite entertaining.


And Taylor Swift was of course played 🙂


I’m so happy I got to visit 🙂


Jessy couldn’t give real hugs so we gave hand hugs 🙂


Just an hour before we left, Jess got up and walked! It was encouraging to see. We had a mini parade around the hospital.



I hope you all had just a good a weekend as I did!


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