Day of Thankfulness


Happy Thanksgiving!



My kitty hanging out on the decorations box. Wherever a blanket is, she’s there.


My family and their sports…We start them young around here! It was beautiful weather for a basketball game.


Apparently, I have trouble with my colors…I mixed green and yellow and the frosting came out a greyish blue. It’s all alright though I guess, considering my profession of choice is not a pastry chef!


My mom makes THE BEST PECAN PIE. Now she’s the one that should be the pastry chef!


Of course, Instagramming everything we stuff into our mouths must not be forgotten!! In this day and age, if a picture/status/tweet is not posted, it didn’t happen.


My hairstyle for the day. Braids seemed like the easiest way to go.


My wonderful mother and I! I love her so very much.

On this day of thankfulness, I have so much to praise God for. My family, my friends, my job. I am blessed far and beyond what I deserve. But what am I most thankful for? Today and this week, the answer is definitely my cousin Jessy. I am incredibly thankful for her life and her impact in this world. The brevity of life was made very clear to me last Friday and the impression won’t soon be fading. Thank you, Lord, for sparing her life. To lose a girl whom I’ve known longer than just about anyone and love so much, would have hurt badly. I know through this trial, Jess will continue to make an even greater impact on those around her. Stay strong, girl 🙂

Today was beautiful. The weather, the people with whom I spent the day with, and last but not least THE FOOD. It was all perfect. I’m thankful for the country I live in and for the countries I have lived in, for my insane multicultural family, and the God who allowed all of it in my life. Praising him for a wonderful day.

Well I’m going to get some sleep before I’m up all night working Black Friday at Macy’s! It’s going to be exciting! Come see me 🙂

Once again, happy Thanksgiving folks!



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