Time Flies!

Life has been cuh-razy. Since starting my full time job at Macy’s, I’ve had a difficult time finding a quiet moment in which to collect my thoughts and BLOG. I do apologize for the neglect which my dear rainy days has suffered of late. I’ve been reading a couple blogs lately and fell in love with writing all over again. 

Here’s a picture of a sandwich: Image

Anyways. Let me update you on my life since I last blogged. 

1) I still haven’t finished War&Peace. One day, my darlings, one day.

2) I’m the Ralph Lauren specialist at Macy’s. It’s not half as exciting as it sounds. Which it doesn’t even sound exciting so divide that in half.

3) I am permanently single. Just throwing that out there.

4) I rearranged my room. It was needed. I can now see my floor!

5) On Friday, I almost lost one of my dearest friends and cousin, Jess. She was in a horrible car accident and basically broke every bone in her body. Every time I think of the fact that she’s still alive, I thank God. Please pray with me for her full recovery.



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