My Heart.

You know how people say dreams mean something? I don’t know if I really believe that, but sometimes I’m very inclined to. Last night, I had the most wonderful dream about Uruguay, my country. I found myself in that dear old dance studio, and then wandered out into the daylight in Salto. I remember just walking for what seemed like a long time and I remember falling more and more in love with that city. Everything I saw held a certain enchantment for me and I wished never to leave it. I only wish I hadn’t been dreaming. There was more to the dream which would take too long to tell here but which was just as glorious as the first part of it. It was a happy dream but I woke up with a heavy heart, wishing to be there, in my country, with the green fields, the river that separated me from Argentina, the gothic buildings and cathedrals which held such magic. 


I think I know now why I dreamed about Uruguay. A terrible storm ravaged some of the country and I just found out about it. I’m praying for those beloved people there going through this hardship. Please pray with me for Uruguay, my heart.




My poor country.


One thought on “My Heart.

  1. HhmmmM. You make me want to go there and I didn’t know it existed until I started following your blog 🙂 Prayed for your precious country.

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