Storms and Birthdays.

It was a blustery rainy day in Independence. I worked in the morning and then went home to celebrate my mom’s birthday with my family. Mom and I went to Starbucks and then hung out at the wonderful, beautiful library close to my house. I sat on a couch and read War & Peace for an hour or two (someday I will finish that book). Image



I played sand volleyball in 50 degree weather plus rain tonight with some wonderful friends. I know I say it a lot, but I really do have the greatest friends. They make my life amazing. So do books. And coffee. And Jesus. Lots of things do really. 😉 


This glorious weather. Is anyone else feeling like they have a crush on this 50 degree, sweater-wearing, coffee-drinking, uggbootlove weather?! Every time I look outside or step outside, I feel a rush of thankfulness to a God who loved us enough to invent fall. Yummy stuff. 






Also, Mumford&Sons and Coldplay should be everyone’s soundtrack to a rainy day. Wish it was Macy’s soundtrack! :p (That’s where I work for all who didn’t catch that)


P.S. Ignore the utterly ridikulous look on my face. But don’t ignore the Harry Potter reference I just made.


P.S. II Listen to this song and it will make your day. I heart them.


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