Random things I did this week so far:


Sang The Only Exception by Paramore in Chipotle. Jt was proud of me.


Almost died because Jt is the worst driver in the history of drivers but don’t tell him I said that. 


Took pictures in ‘the hood’.


Jt and I were super scared because the area was crazy scary. (Mhmm, I used the same word twice) One time, this guy was driving towards us and Jt was getting dressed. Me: OHMYWORD, someone is comiiiinnnggg!!! *starts to jump in car, then realizes Jt doesn’t really have pants on. Jt: Wait, gotta get my pants on!!

Sigh. It was an eventful evening to say the least.


Also, I just have this weird things about hairy hobos walking out of trailers. I might have run for my life. 


I’m going to go to bed before I further incriminate myself. 

Goodnight, world.




Image<—- This person needs to learn how to spell.


K. Goodnight for reals now.


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