Today was good after I got past the morning, which is the story of my life every day. I worked from 3 to 9 and it went by fast. I drank a caramel apple nut latte (uh-mazing), I wore a scarf and cardigan to work so I could pretend it was fall, I got new underwear (guys, ignore that please), people were nice to me at work (one lady was even considerate enough to tell me that my name tag was on upside down! Christian love, folks) and I wasted too much time on the Pinterest humor page, and all I ate all day was a slice of pizza and a muffin, but I’m not hungry. Well, I ate coffee too. Duh.

My body clock is so messed up. It’s 1:50 am and I’m wide awake and kinda want to go for a run but I just took a shower. And none of this post is going anywhere and I’m in full out ADD mode.

So, people, have pity on me and forget this post ever happened.


And I’m just going to upload some random pictures that struck my fancy.


Well said.

Image<— Megan and I’s relationship.





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