Modern Opera: Classic.

After the Il Divo concert last night, I am in serious danger of becoming addicted to modern opera. It was beautiful! Sarah and I screamed and cheered so much my voice is just about gone now! It was a wonderful night 🙂 We got all dressed up (I wore a yellow top, skinny jeans and heels), went to dinner then to the concert at Starlight Theater.

Il Divo were funny and amazing. I have to say my favorite was the American because of his great sense of humor, but there were all pretty awesome. I can now say I’ve seen Il Divo in concert! Yay!

Probably most people would say I’m pretty weird for being into modern opera at the age of 18 but it’s so classic and it’s what I’ve grown up on. I love good music.

Here’s a little humor 😉


Also, my computer died last night…so I’m blogging on my brother’s computer. Hopefully I can get mine fixed soon! I’ve only had it a couple of months so it definitely should not be dying… :/

Anyways, that’s all for today! I’m going to go hang with my family who are in town 🙂

Have a blessed weekend!


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