Glasses & Tissues

Last night I didn’t sleep at all because of my nose running and my throat hurting. My body aches all over and I just feel YUCK. I spent a good amount of time in prayer and in my Bible today and that definitely changed my attitude about being sick. I always have a joy in my soul after reading my Bible that I never have on days that I skip my time with the Lord.

Funny story, I was cleaning up in the kitchen and hadn’t put my contacts in my eyes yet. My head hurt from not being able to see very well but I didn’t want to mess with putting my contacts in because I knew I’d probably be going back to bed soon. I prayed very simply, ‘Lord, please let my glasses come today’ and then didn’t give it much thought after that. A couple hours later, I woke up to my mom saying ‘Morgan, your glasses are here!’ Isn’t it funny how God cares about even the simplest things? He truly is a great God.

Aaannndd the picture above is me with my new glasses. I love them!


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