This land is on my heart. And I know that God laid it there, because every time, after I spend time in His word and talking to Him, I feel a yearning to be in Africa, serving Him with all my heart, soul and mind.
When I was younger, I always heard sermons that said ‘Just because you become dedicated to God, doesn’t mean He’s going to send you to Africa or something!’, and I always pictured Africa as being this horrible place, because even the evangelists made it sound undesirable. But then I met people who had visited there, and none of them were like other people that I knew. They were changed, and they had left their heart in Africa. You could see the passion in their eyes when they spoke of it and could tell that they were different from you and I.
I want to feel that passion. I want to be where God has called me and to be joyful because I know I’ll be in the center of His will.
At the moment, I feel so impatient because I want to be there now.But I know that this, right now, is what God has for me. I can only hope to grow so much closer in my walk with God. I want to grow in my faith, and in my prayer life.
I want to grow in Him. My rock and my fortress, my trust.


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