What do you look to for inspiration? Do books inspire you? Pictures? People?
For me, it’s all of the above, but mostly books. I’m currently reading Annie Leibovitz’s biography and wow. I’m not even done with the first chapter and I already want to reach for my camera and go on a photo adventure. I don’t want to photograph places since most of the world has already been photographed in one way or another but I want to make images of people. PEOPLE. Aren’t humans an incredible thing? Why wouldn’t I want to photography every human alive? Everyone is so unique and amazing in their own way. Anyways, that’s just a brief overview of the fantastic winds of inspiration blowing towards me just from one book.

I drank two cups of coffee in one hour this morning. My heart-rate will never ever forgive me, I fear. All through work I kept getting these horrible palpitations. I have arrythmia, which is an irregular beating of the heart and is totally not aided by an excessive intake of caffeine. And let me tell you, I’m addicted to coffee.
Or maybe I’m just addicted more to the idea of coffee. The smell of it, Starbucks, the inherent atmosphere that comes with it all….Ok, maybe you could say I’m a tad bit obsessed. Or in love. Either one works.

I started my new job at Macy’s today! The people I’ve met so far are wonderful and I can see myself having quite a good time there. I’m excited to see how this job will pan out.

Wow, this is a much longer post than I usually write but I had a lot to say!

I’m out for now. Comments? Questions? I’d be happy to hear both.

Until tomorrow,


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