Hello You Sunshiney World You!

Today the weather is most glorious, therefore I went on a run with a friend who was kind enough to go with me. We ran two miles and it felt pretty good though I can’t honestly say I feel ready for tomorrow’s 6:30 am soccer practice! I cannot express to you all the joy I feel in knowing that the season I practically live for will finally be here mañana!! I am SUPER pumped.

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m in a very good mood on this beautiful day therefore I feel compelled to compile a list of my favorite things about this sunshiny day 🙂
1. I sat by my best friend in Algebra II today and poked him with a paper clip, causing to almost fall out of his chair 😀
2. I already got my daily run in for today.
4. I talked to someone I hadn’t talked to in awhile today…Can’t say I was particularly thrilled about it, but it was nice to hear from them.
5. I’m almost done with my current book, The Beautiful and Damned (slightly depressing book…consequently I am very glad to be almost done with it)
6. There are revival meetings tonight.
7. The sunshine is trailing through my window and lighting up my whole room 🙂
8. I just looked up and saw all the Valentine’s Day balloons in my room and smiled because of how much I’m loved.
9. I’m about to go take a nice cold shower.
10. My gorgeous orange cat is laying across the bed from me sleeping.
Aaannddd did I mention I’m excited for soccer?!?!
Peace out!

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