It’s cloudy and damp outside and the perfect weather for a walk. It’s on days like this that I miss Uruguay and the days that were like today, the only difference being that there was nothing that had to be done right at a certain time, there wasn’t a schedule to keep or “important” people to go see. One just did what he wanted without worry for priorities and thing that had to be done.
Things were calm and relaxed.
I’m convinced that I could’ve gone to sleep for six years and wake up and nothing would have changed. The little old lady that sat on the corner of the street for an hour each day would still be there. The park would still be full of kids playing soccer, barefoot. The men at the outdoor bar would still be sitting there, gossipping about anything and everything. My rugby team would still be practicing from nine to eleven at night, bruising and breaking bones but having a wonderful time all the same. Nothing ever changed. That was the beauty of it.
On some days, my dad and I would go on a motorbike ride out in the country. We would ride for hours, completely carefree. We had no destination, we just drove, admiring the beauty of that little country. The clouds would fold up in weird forms that I have yet to see anywhere else and the sky would turn a brilliant hot pink, casting a shade of its color on everything. I thought a storm would be coming but then the pinkness would fade again into a cold light and the sun would start to fall behind the fields.
My heart aches to accurately describe the beauty of it all but I can’t.
If I had one wish, I would wish that I could go back to it. Start all over.
I wish that I could have fully appreciated the beauty of that little town in Uruguay.

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